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Character: Ganondorf Dragmire

Series: The Legend of Zelda

Version: The Wind Waker

Age: There is no exact number but it’s safe to say that he’s at least a few centuries old.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ganondorf is a very tall, broad, big man. He’s Gerudo and, as such has their trademark red hair and dark skin as well as a gold gem affixed to his forehead. He wears a long dark robe with orange embellishments along the hems, down the sleeves, and on the back. All over a red shirt, a black wrap around his waist, and a sash with a green and red design. His appearance suggests that he is about late thirties to early forties, though he has lived for centuries; mostly sealed away in the Shadow Realm by the seven sages.

Personality: Ruthless, cold, and calculating, he is ambitious to the extreme, driven by his lust for power. He is manipulative; willing to do most anything to reach his goals and not above using others in the process. Despite this he follows a sort of honor code; allowing opponents to get back on their feet again before attacking. He is arrogant and cocky though the humiliation of defeat and the march of years have caused him to mature some.
While physically imposing and certainly capable destruction on a grand scale, he is civil towards those he must interact with and is well spoken as is required of a king. Really only drawing his swords when necessary he prefers to work in the background and let his enemies come to him….with one exception, the Hero of Time. Age has mellowed him out some but this does not mean he does not have a temper and, when angered brute force is generally the most effective means to his desired end.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: First and foremost, Ganondorf holds the Triforce of Power and is the chosen of the goddess, Din, who is the power of the raging flame and the harsh, unforgiving cruelty of the desert. Because of it he is nearly invincible with only a few weaknesses. Even without it he is a formidable sorcerer of dark magics. His magic allows him to shapeshift into a large boar-like creature as well as levitate. Debilitating curses are his favorite modus operandi. As for physical weaponry, he favors two long, thin blades and is surprisingly fast for a man of his stature.

Weaknesses: Due to his possession of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf cannot die. Despite this, he can take damage and be incapacitated. Once drastically injured he can be magically sealed through divine intervention. The only truly effective weapons are the Master Sword as well as most light based magic and weapons. The Master Sword has even acted as a seal on his powers. In the past his arrogance and willingness to let others do his dirty work has also worked against him. He has an extreme dislike for large, rather salty, bodies of water.

History: While originally the King of the Gerudos, Ganondorf’s race has long since died out. His original attempt at world domination was spurred on by his desire to help his people and as eventually corrupted along the way by his need for power; leading to his first defeat, and binding, by the Hero of Time. Ganondorf is sealed away, with the threat that he will return, as long as the Triforce of Power is in his hand.
Centuries pass and Hyrule prospers till, one day, a shadow crawls out of his prison and prceeds to make good on his promise. This time, however, there is now Hero to stop him and Ganondorf has nearly gains dominion over Hyrule. The Princess and her people pray to the gods for help. The gods answer, directing the land’s people to run for the mountain tops as the world floods. And so, their kingdom is lost.
Years pass, life adapts itself to its new environment, and the shadow bides his time; limited only by the seal placed on his powers centuries ago by the Hero of Time. Then, when the world’s people have grown complacent, have forgotten; Ganondorf begins his search for the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage in an attempt to rebuild the Triforce and restore the lost kingdom to its former glory. He eventually finds the Triforce of Wisdom, as well as Courage, and is eventually defeated, despite having full use of his powers, by the young Hero of Winds, the new bearer of the Triforce of Courage, and is sealed away again…
….Until he finds himself standing in front of a strange gate in a place unlike any he’s ever seen before.
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